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    Ancient Malone resin

    Author: admin Time: 2016-9-21 17:47:41

    Ancient Malone resin with carbon nine as raw material through catalytic polymerization reaction, the product appearance is yellow to brown red flake or block solid, with good phase solubility, water resistance, acid and alkali, anti rust and electrical characteristics. 1, in the rubber industry as the binder: whether the ancient Malone or rubber are used individually without adhesive, compound can make the rubber has good adhesive properties, including pressure sensitive or hot melt adhesive, used to increase the use of natural rosin resin or indene resin price high source of instability, performance is less than the Malone resin at present, the dominant position in the rubber industry has occupied the ancient Malone resin binder. The old Malone resin was added into the rubber, which can soften the reinforcement and increase the viscosity, dispersing and so on, so as to improve the processing property of the rubber.